About Us

Sula Studio is a modern brand hailing from the islands. Emerging from a journey of common interests and friendship, the brand was co-founded in 2018 by three women on a mission to deliver fun and accessible fashion. Envious of the fashion trends which were not yet available in the region, Sula Studio allowed Indonesians to have real time access to these current global trends. 

Sula Studio is youthful, fluid and feminine. The cornerstone of the brand is forged on its attention to detail, and whimsical fashion sense. We thrive on  bursts of colours however remain true to our aesthetic of subtle elegance with a playful yet masculine edge. 

Beginning our journey with accessories, Sula Studio has evolved into clothing and lifestyle attire. Creating unique and meticulous statement pieces with an understated neutrality.  Anything but typical, our random nature and essence of style is based on the threshold of quality and design at competitive price points. 
Designed in Indonesia for the world.